Your Energy Optimization Coach

Nancy Rose

Helping ambitious professionals feel great again so they can live and work on their own terms.

I believe that we are all born with our unique gifts and that we are here to share them with the world and make a difference.

The truth is most of us don’t even recognize our own strengths, life experiences, unique skills, or abilities. We allow disempowering thoughts and emotions to run our lives, whether we are aware of them or not.

We avoid change because it feels uncomfortable.

We limit ourselves because we’ve constructed our lives based on our memories of the past, our beliefs, and cultural, social, and environmental influences. So, we keep repeating the same old patterns while wishing for new results.

We allow our fears to hold us back. We’ve given away our power. We often don’t trust ourselves. As a result, our physical, mental, and emotional health suffers.

Until one day we say, “enough is enough”.

Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional pain that you’re experiencing, it’s never too late to reclaim your aim.

Most programs address one of the three. The body with pills and liquids, the mind with mindset coaching, and the spirit with rituals & meditation.

My approach is different. Through the physical body, you’ll activate your own Life-Force Energy, address the root cause of the issue and enrich your spiritual connection.

If you are ready to live life on your own terms, I’m here to help.

Much love,

Nancy's Specialized Training:

Official Black Belt

I have completed the “Black Belt” level of achievement with the Satori Method Academy. 


A Little Personal

Nancy is a mom of two, a mom-in-law, and a “Mumma” to her baby granddaughter and two granddogs. She’s celebrating 34 years of marriage to the love of her life.

She loves to travel and her favorite place to hang out is at their cottage on Lovering Lake where she enjoys paddle boarding, qigong, yoga, running and spending time in nature.