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“Thanks so much Nancy for the awesome workshop. It really helped bring clarity to my overall goals and setting up the steps to achieve those goals. I really think that it’s going to help boost my business and do good things for me for the next year and for the next five years! Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend your workshops.”
Leslie McDermid

Video Testimonial

“Nancy helped me with creating FLOW within my Body. I ended having being more productive afterwards because my stress and anxiety were released, I had an increased amount of focus, and felt like my energy, body, and mind were all in a balanced state. I am ever so grateful!”
Lisa Reaume

“I learned a lot about how to be aware of certain issues that are going on in life and how to deal with the obstacles and how to come up with a plan. I feel better because I was able to write everything down and to be able to see it on the paper with the exercise that we did. I actually feel really calm right now.”
Meagan B.

“Before I started to work with Nancy, I was starting to feel the signs of aging in my body. Especially in the morning, I would take the stairs like my Grandmother. It was quite distressing. Nancy is patient, kind, and thorough as she teaches me how to give my body what it needs in the morning to be limber, grounded, and energetically connected for a great day. The biggest difference I have noticed so far is my confidence in my body’s ability to keep up with the life I want to live. Thank you Nancy!”
Karen Kessler

“Attending this presentation has helped me become aware of my thoughts and opened my eyes. I felt as though I connected to everything talked about. Everyone could only benefit from attending!”
Mia M.

“I think the greatest techniques were to reframe and refocus! Acknowledging how certain barriers don’t serve you and can be side stepped by focusing on positive steps toward your goals. Great job Nancy!”
Hayley Daniels

 “When I came to Nancy, I knew that I needed guidance because I was all over the map. I was uncertain with myself, I didn’t believe in myself, and I felt unworthy. When I went to one of her workshops, I listened, and I knew then that I wanted to book an appointment with her to help me get on the right track. After we started working together, things started aligning for me. She gave me the guidance, tools, and knowledge that I was looking for. It really took me till the end of the breakthrough to see the full progress and to really feel the shifts. Some of the techniques she used, I didn’t know how it was going to benefit, but I knew that there must be an ultimate plan. It all makes sense now. There was a reason for it all. I had a very sincere feeling and experience working with Nancy. She’s very personal and the stories that she shared were very helpful. I feel new and like I’m a better version of myself.”
Natalie Robillard